D.06.A. TADVANCE_NavigationWindowPrescription



NavigationWindowPrescriptions™ configure the NavigationWindow™ on behalf of the PMInterface. NavigationWindowPrescriptions™ provide broader data than applies to individual PageGroups™.

A NavigationWindowPrescription property of a PM5_ToolsBot PMInterface in the Object Inspector™.


property ButtonHeight : Integer read FButtonHeight write SetButtonHeight default 26;
__property int ButtonHeight = {read=FButtonHeight, write=SetButtonHeight, default=26};

Height of the PageNavigationButtons.

property ButtonWidth : Integer read FButtonWidth write SetButtonWidth default 250;
__property int ButtonWidth = {read=FButtonWidth, write=SetButtonWidth, default=250};

Width of the PageNavigationButtons and NavigationWindow columns.

property CenterInDesktop : Boolean read FCenterInDesktop write FCenterInDesktop;
__property bool CenterInDesktop = {read=FCenterInDesktop, write=FCenterInDesktop, nodefault};

True displays the NavigationWindow in the center of the desktop. False draws the NavigationWindow above or below the FocusButton™ in whichever area is greater.


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property Subtitles_Font_Bold : Boolean read FSubtitles_Font_Bold write FSubtitles_Font_Bold default True;
__property bool Subtitles_Font_Bold = {read=FSubtitles_Font_Bold, write=FSubtitles_Font_Bold, default=1};

True displays PageGroup subtitles in bold.

property Subtitles_HtInXButtonHeight : Integer read FSubtitles_HtInXButtonHeight write SetSubtitles_HtInXButtonHeight default 1;
__property int Subtitles_HtInXButtonHeight = {read=FSubtitles_HtInXButtonHeight, write=SetSubtitles_HtInXButtonHeight, default=1};

Prescribes the height of PageGroup subtitles as a multiple of PageNavigationButton height.

property Subtitles_MarginBottom : Integer read FSubtitles_MarginBottom write SetSubtitles_MarginBottom default 5;
__property int Subtitles_MarginBottom = {read=FSubtitles_MarginBottom, write=SetSubtitles_MarginBottom, default=5};

Prescribes the height of a margin between the bottom of PageGroup subtitles and the top of subsequent PageNavigationButtons. PageGroup subtitles are bottom-aligned against this bottom margin.

property Subtitles_MarginLeftAndRight : Integer read FSubtitles_MarginLeftAndRight write SetSubtitles_MarginLeftAndRight default 12;
__property int Subtitles_MarginLeftAndRight = {read=FSubtitles_MarginLeftAndRight, write=SetSubtitles_MarginLeftAndRight, default=12};

Prescribes the margins between the right and left edges of the subtitle and the edges of the column, the width of which is prescribed by NavigationWindowPrescription.ButtonWidth. The default value, 12, aligns subtitles with the left edge of PageNavigationButton glyphs.

property LogoPanel_Owner : TADVANCE_PMBase_WLogoPanel read FLogoPanel_Owner write FLogoPanel_Owner;
__property TADVANCE_PMBase_WLogoPanel* LogoPanel_Owner = {read=FLogoPanel_Owner, write=FLogoPanel_Owner};

When a module owning a LogoPanel™ is assigned to this pointer property, the LogoPanel™ of that module is replicated in the Navigation Window on behalf of the PMInterface. This property supports borrowing the LogoPanel™ of composite UPC™ modules to represent non-composite stand-alone modules which to not host LogoPanels™.

property ScrollingTimerInterval : cardinal read FScrollingTimerInterval write SetScrollingTimerInterval default 250;
__property unsigned ScrollingTimerInterval = {read=FScrollingTimerInterval, write=SetScrollingTimerInterval, default=250};

Governs the speed of scrolling.

property WindowTitle : String read FWindowTitle write FWindowTitle;
__property AnsiString WindowTitle = {read=FWindowTitle, write=FWindowTitle};

Displays a window title under the LogoPanel™ region of the NavigationWindow.

property WindowTitle_CharSpacing : TADVANCE_CharSpacing read FWindowTitle_CharSpacing write FWindowTitle_CharSpacing default cs4X;
__property TADVANCE_CharSpacing WindowTitle_CharSpacing = {read=FWindowTitle_CharSpacing, write=FWindowTitle_CharSpacing, default=3};

TADVANCE_CharSpacing = (csNormal, cs2X, cs3X, cs4X, cs5X);
enum TADVANCE_CharSpacing { csNormal, cs2X, cs3X, cs4X, cs5X };

Applies character spacing to the window Title. For effect, or to make smaller fonts more legible.

property WindowTitle_EnabledEffect : Boolean read FWindowTitle_EnabledEffect write FWindowTitle_EnabledEffect default False;
__property bool WindowTitle_EnabledEffect = {read=FWindowTitle_EnabledEffect, write=FWindowTitle_EnabledEffect, default=0};

False displays the window title with the effect of TLabel.Enabled = False, which results in an engraved drawing style and less prominent visibility.

property WindowTitle_Font_Color : TColor read FWindowTitle_Font_Color write FWindowTitle_Font_Color default clBtnText;
__property Graphics::TColor WindowTitle_Font_Color = {read=FWindowTitle_Font_Color, write=FWindowTitle_Font_Color, default=-16777198};


property WindowTitle_Font_SizeDifferential : Integer read FWindowTitle_Font_SizeDifferential write SetWindowTitle_Font_SizeDifferential default -1;
__property int WindowTitle_Font_SizeDifferential = {read=FWindowTitle_Font_SizeDifferential, write=SetWindowTitle_Font_SizeDifferential, default=-1};

Prescribes an increased (positive) or decreased (negative) size of the window title font inherited from the invoking page module. Zero indicates no Font.Size differential.


NavigationWindow, providing access to more than 200 interfaces at once.

NavigationWindow, providing access to more than 200 interfaces at once.

The NavigationWindow™ provides the following behaviors:

  1. Potential area is utilized as necessary.
    • CenterInDesktop mode makes use of the whole desktop workarea.
    • In normal (default) mode, the window is drawn in the greater region above or below, and against the top or bottom edge of the FocusButton™.
      • Laterally, the NavigationWindow™ is aligned,
        • First, with the left edge of the FocusButton™ if possible,
        • Secondly, with the right edge of the FocusButton™ if possible,
        • Or finally, centered in the workarea.
      • Positioning algorithms therefore are tolerant of FocusButton™ positions exceeding the screen.
  2. The last scrolling state is stored to the calling PMInterface.
    • Because the position of the invoking FocusButton™ may be altered by window movement or resizing, FocusButton™ position and the previous scrolling state are analyzed to determine how to restore probable relevant content.
      • If the previous scrolling state will display the currently focused page, the previous scrolling state is restored — returning the NavigationWindow™ to the condition the operator intentionally left it.
      • If the operator has scrolled and closed the window in a condition which will not display the currently focused page, or if navigation or repositioning preclude displaying the currently focused page, a new scrolling state is determined which will place the column of the currently focused page at center for an odd number of columns, or right of center for an even number of columns.
  3. Pages are displayed in the order of the Pages[] array (TList), honoring prescribed PageGroup™ membership.
    • When the iteration of the Pages[] array (TList) encounters a page declaring membership to a different PageGroup™ than a preceding page (if any),
      • The PageGroup™ Subtitle is displayed before that page.
        • Subtitles are never orphaned at the bottom of columns.
      • Captions of member pages inherit the font color of the PageGroup™.
      • Succeeding pages are interpreted to belong to the declared PageGroup until a subsequent page declares membership to a different PageGroup™.

        To expedite rendering, no verification of invalid reuse of a PageGroup™ is provided:

        • If Page1 declares membership to PageGroupA, Page2 declares membership to PageGroupB, and Page3 declares membership to PageGroupA (again), an empty subtitle space will appear above Page1, from which space these declarations have indicated to move the subtitle to the last decided position, above Page3.


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